A warrant of apprehension about yourself for your profile

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Salam Aleikum to all members of wedding4muslim.


We have prepared for your profile a warrant of apprehension about the most important things, what you are searching and who your are.

Therefore you can copy paste this, fill it up and add this to your profile under the section “about me”.

We would appreciate your feedback as well as to see this in your profiles. You would make it a lot easier to give the other person a overview and to see if you both match together. This will probably increase the attention to your profile and also to get faster in contact with Muslimas or Muslims from our site.


This overview is available in german and english. You can also add other languages or your mother languages if you want to.

wedding4muslim hope this will help you to find your future wife or future husband, if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly via the contact form -> Contact W4M


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Warrant of apprehension about yourself for your profile see below:

************ ABOUT ME  ************



✔Body type:


✔Living in:

✔Willing to move:

✔Do you live alone:


✔Do you want children:

✔Marital status:

********** RELIGION ***********

✔Since when are you conscious Muslim:

✔Reading Quran (Arabic) or translation:

✔What you do to educate yourself in Islam:

✔This is one of my favorite Sura:

✔You do Ramadan:

*********** INTERESTS **************

✔What you do in your spare time / hobbies:

✔How do you like it at home:

✔What is your favorite dish:

✔This can inspire me:

*************PERSONALITY **********

✔Personal strengths:

✔Personal weaknesses:

✔What I really like:

✔What I don’t like:

✔This irritates me totally:

✔This describes me best:

*********** EDUCATION  ***********


✔Higher schools:

✔Current job:


*****************WISHES TO YOUR FUTURE WIFE / HUSBAND ********************

✔What qualities should he/she have:



✔ Appearance:

✔Should she wear a Hijab:

✔Other wishes:


✔Married before:

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